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At ACP Wildlife, we take great pride in providing the best solutions for problems involving human/wildlife conflicts. We have seventeen years of experience working within the wildlife and environmental fields with ten years of expertise in the wildlife removal industry. Included in this experience we share our wisdom and discernment in wildlife and fisheries management alongside our knowledge of working with various wildlife in multiple states. Through education and experience, we have developed insight that allows us to solve issues in the remediation of human/wildlife problems.


Who we are

Throughout our career, we have provided solutions for a host of problems. These issues have included a variety of animal species including but not limited to; bats, beavers, groundhogs, moles, muskrats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes and voles. We have been productive in finding creative solutions to wildlife damage scenarios. We thrive on these challenges and enjoy providing education and relief when our services are needed. For questions or inspections, please give us a call.

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